Fortress ICT Distribution

Uses its experience for your benefit

About us

Founded in 2000, Fortress ICT Distribution has proven to be a solid and trustworthy partner for its customers,
suppliers and other partners and business relations.


Fortress ICT Distribution was founded in 2000. A small enthusiastic team aimed to become a major player in Europe in terms of memory and CPU. Soon HDD was added to the product range. Everyone within Fortress had years of experience in the industry and this experience is used to build up a comprehensive customers and suppliers file. Over the years, Fortress has become a solid company with customers and suppliers around the world.

Current Situation

Fortress IT Distribution is a global IT distributor for CPU, SSD, Memory and HDD. Since its founding, Fortress remained faithful to a select product range and therefore has gained an extensive knowledge of technology, logistics, sales and distribution in this sector. With a solid financial background, Fortress is in the position to provide its customers from stock. Fortress IT Distribution has proven to be a serious partner when it comes to IT component distribution. This reflects in its long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers, and a steady growth in sales.

Our ambitions

Fortress IT Distribution has been making a steady growth and vowed that for the coming years. Steady growth in sales and in its customers and suppliers base. Fortress IT Distribution will be there for its customers and continue to build and expand long-term relationships which goes beyond that one quick deal. Reliable, flexible and always available to meet your demands.

Our Strength

By focusing on a select range of products and a good relationship with customers and suppliers, Fortress IT Distribution is able to constantly offer competitive prices.
Fortress ICT Distribution assures its customers direct availability, by keeping stock of the fast selling items, an experienced logistics, and a strong relationship with logistics partners.
The Fortress ICT Distribution team is always available for its customers and suppliers. Dedicated account management provides a strong relationship.

Where are our customers based

Over the years, Fortress ICT Distribution has build relationships with customers around the world. Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America are among the regions in which they deliver with great regularity. For each region serviced, a logistical solution is found and almost every specific requirement can be met.

What can you expect

A personal contact person with knowledge of the market and the products. Crisp, clear and respected agreements which are put on paper.
A strong aftersales team which can help you with questions about finance, logistics and returns.
A no-nonsense approach that will lead you further.